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WHS Implementation

Prescribe have a turnkey solution aimed at helping small to medium size business manage their work health and safety.

We understand that small to medium size businesses often can’t afford a dedicated safety resource to manage work health and safety full time and that’s where we can help. An initial audit and gap analysis will allow us to work with you and your budget to implement a safety management system to help you comply.

Implementation is simplified through our secure cloud based safety management system to help you manage your existing documents. Don’t have all the documents? Never mind our network of consultants can work with you to provide a solution to meet your budget and compliance.

Having an effective WHS System balances the responsibility between you and your workers. We can provide you with the expertise, support and secure cloud based safety management system to make managing the various aspects of your workplace safety systems easy.

WHS Implementation

Not having your workplace management systems; in particular risk, safety and emergency in place is like playing Russian roulette – if something happens and you don’t have your records in place, you could face serious criminal charges with potential for large fines and even imprisonment.

Ask yourself how you would respond if a workplace safety inspector turned up at your work and wanted to see your risk assessments, safe work procedures and induction / training records?

Despite most businesses running their accounts electronically and nearly all other aspects of their business, for some unknown reason many other key business systems, for staff records, risk, safety, HR and compliance got left behind.

Stop struggling with manual folders, various spreadsheets and forms to manage the vast amount of information required to manage critical business systems including emergency, risk, safety, and HR related records.  This paperwork nightmare can be time consuming, ineffective and can quickly be out of date.  Moving to an automated, secure database system is the key to managing compliance in a rapidly changing and highly competitive business landscape.

An effective WHS system should start with the individual, and that means having all of your workers sign off an undertaking that they will follow your policies and work safely.The system should enable your organisation to:

  • Establish an OHS policy appropriate to your organisation
  • Carry out hazard identification, hazard/risk assessment and control of hazards/risk arising from past information, existing or planned activities, product or services
  • Identify the relevant legislative and regulatory requirements
  • Identify priorities and set appropriate OHS objectives and targets
  • Establish a structure and an OHS management plan(s) to implement the policy and achieve objectives and targets
  • Facilitate planning, control, monitoring, corrective action, auditing and review activities to ensure that both the policy is complied with and that the OHSMS remains appropriate; and
  • Be capable of adapting to changing circumstances
  • Remain current and be a living document that is actively and practically implemented
  • Undertake Gap Analysis
  • WHS Management System Design
  • WHS Policy & Procedure
  • Safety Management Plans
  • Risk Assessment
  • Safe Work Method Statements
  • Hazard Identification
  • Incident Investigations

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