The Manual Handling Specialists

The Manual Handling Specialists

Onsite Physiotherapy

Prescribe’s onsite physiotherapist will attend your workplace to provide treatment and advice to your workers while at work.

Having a physiotherapist at your worksite allows you to provide informed treatment and advice to your workers in a timely manner, reducing the loss in productivity and lengthy waiting periods of offsite providers that inhibit recovery. Our physiotherapists follow a strict training protocol, understand workplace health and injury prevention and more importantly advocate for your business and your employees wellbeing. 

Prescribe’s proactive model has yielded amazing benefits for some of Australia’s largest employers, reducing musculoskeletal injuries and ensuring their workers are well cared for if an injury is to occur. Our model of early intervention, proactive care, injury prevention and empowering workers with self management strategies, ensures the low level musculoskeletal issues are managed well before they snow ball into a costly injury, in both time and resources. Your work force culture will improve as healthy workers are happy workers and your business will demonstrate proactive care for their workforce.

Our onsite physiotherapists are fully trained and accredited allied health professionals who can provide a variety of treatment including:

  • Spinal and peripheral joint mobilisation and manipulation
  • Post surgical rehabilitation or return to work training
  • Dry needling and myofascial releases
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Specific strengthening & stretching programs
  • Functional testing and control
  • Core stability and balance training or retraining
  • Functional task training or retraining
  • Workplace reviews, assessments and on the job coaching

Onsite physiotherapy services

Benefits to workers and your business:

  • Proactive care
  • Early diagnosis
  • Early intervention
  • Timely treatment
  • Self management guided by your physiotherapist
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced injury costs

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Our Onsite Physiotherapy Services

Onsite physiotherapy is based on our company ethos of doing what ever is possible to prevent workplace musculoskeletal disorders.

We do this through our onsite injury prevention and hazardous manual task services.

Our onsite injury prevention team will attend your worksite on a regular basis, and provide both treatment and proactive advice to your team while they are at work. This prevents the need to leave the worksite to seek and attend treatment, and you receive timely outcomes and bookings for your employees. We know that addressing musculoskeletal issues in a timely manner is key to positive outcomes, reduced workers compensation premiums and prevention of workplace injuries.

The onsite physiotherapist can additionally spend time with your workers in their real work environments, getting real time insights into the physical demands required for the job, get a better understanding of the person holistically and greatly improve the information provided to both treat the current symptoms but prevent injuries in the future. Our onsite physiotherapy team will work closely with your injury management, health and safety or managers to ensure your business needs and requirements are met, while providing regular updates on any injured workers.


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